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The Lanesborough, operated by Oetker Collection, is an iconic top high end hotel in London, and was JC Hospitality's first hotel project. With designs that focused on traditional English antique reproductions, we were able to supply the majority of the loose furniture for the guest rooms, suites, and public areas.

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The Ritz-Carlton, Langkawi project was a great collaboration of teams. Working closely with the architects, hotel representatives, and the project owners on every detail, we designed and manufactured the entire furniture collection including upholstery and outdoor furniture. The highest standards and requirements being met on all aspects of the project.

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Beyond Words: What Animals Think and Feel

At that point, someone discovered that one of the people aboard had just died during a nap in his bunk. Spooky enough. But then, as the boat turned to head back to port, 'the dolphins came to the side of our boat, not riding the bow as usual but instead flanking us fifty feet away [...]

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The new JC brand

But this is Africa, and the fortunate nouveau riche cannot forget the old clan tradition, one of whose supreme canons is share everything you have with your kinsmen, with another member of your clan, or, as they say here, with your cousin. (In Europe, the bond with a cousin is by now rather weak and [...]

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